Cornhill and Atherton RR

Welcome to an ’Imagineered’ model world. The Cornhill & Atherton (HO scale) railroad only exists in my imagination, but has been designed and built with an ethos reflecting life in 1930s small town America.

The objective has been to achieve a world which could have existed and where model trains move freight and people purposefully through visually attractive landscapes. Everyone has a name and a story. Everything has a reason for being where it is.

Thanks to the power of the internet it has also been built as a collaborative development where advice and opinions from people all over the world, have helped a non-American create something fundamentally American.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Derelict Shacks

The Wrong Side of the Tracks
I have always liked derelict buildings and Glanton town offers an opportunity to have an area where things have "gone to seed". This picture was an inspiration to build something shabby.

Framing Up
The shacks are based on a kit, but I took a lot of liberties, so I'm considering this a scratch build. It's plank on plank construction with a lot of "distressing" work. To get the worn effect I stained the wood and then applied white paint using a rag.Some ink and alcohol wash complete the job.
Sides assembled
Everything's glued up and a collapsing door and boarded up windows added.Some weathering powder adds texture to the walls.
Rain - what rain?
Rain - what rain?
The roof deserves a lot of atttention and the gaps show the rafter work. Tar paper is simulated using a soft black cardboard which tears realistically. Again, weathering powder applied in vertical streaks down the roof adds texture.
A More Ambitious Attempt
A More Ambitious Attempt
This building is constructed using the same techniques as the previous simple shack, but is a slightly more complex (and therefore interesting) structure.Note the remains of a curtain at the window and collapsing porch roof.
Roof - what roof?
Roof - what roof?
This roof is in a very poor state and this allows for more detailing. A slight sag has also been introduced and a lot of holes.